Friday, April 25, 2008

lots of eggs

so, this is the sixth time with my preferred donor -- did one in between with a spur-of-the-moment donor, and I'm actually glad it didn't work. no drama, just that I preferred My Guy. I did an IUI yesterday, preceded by an ultrasound peek at the follicles and a trigger shot. I LOVE the trigger shot. There's nothing like knowing exactly when I'm ovulating. Did I really just say that? Ovulation timing has become my most exciting activity? um, yes. (especially since I'd taken 100 mg of Clomid -- moved through that fear -- and had several nice big friendly follicles just waiting to be my child.)

I also had an acupuncture appointment early yesterday evening, then promptly went to buy fertility foods that I'd not yet tried: pineapple in two forms, sardines, brazil nuts, whole milk yogurt.  and I ate an egg. with it being Passover, I have plenty of hard-boiled eggs in the fridge! and because I was following a Highly Scientific Theory of Someone's Embryologist, I had an Egg McMuffin (despite it being Passover) yesterday morning, before the IUI. I will also have another couple next week during the possible implantation days.

meanwhile, I'm waiting -- reading about what's happening with my cyber babymaking friends, and hoping every moment for fertility fortune to smile upon me.


starrhillgirl said...

Well, lookee here! You have a blog!
Fab. It's CJ from FF.

j.k-c. said...

I'm glad to find your blog (from FF)! Congrats on your crosshairs! And fingers crossed for this cycle. Hopefully 7 is the lucky charm for both of us!!

jessie said...

Gotta love having an excuse to go to McD's! :)

Jessie (checkingmypulse from FF)

tiff said...

Yay - the link worked :) Ok, I'm adding you to blogroll :)

Clemency said...

Nice blog Emily! I hope the fertility gods smile on you this month too. x