Monday, August 2, 2010

o summer.

must get better about posting.

a few snaps of life these days:

bean bags
toy corner
yogurt in jars
bad veg garden

She's climbing up the stairs as if there were ice cream waiting for her at the top.
loves to take any piece of fabric or paper and swing it around the back of her neck and wear it like a scarf.
wrestles with the dog; because (thankfully!) the dog isn't biting her, I think she has the upper hand. he's very generous.

this summer, the big girl has been to basketball camp for a week, farm camp for two weeks (yea!!!), sleep-away farm camp, and is now doing two weeks of cooking camp. then a week of local rec dept camp and then we're all headed for a godwilling glorious week in wellfleet.

it's time to get in my kayak again, to introduce the babelet to sand and shells and tide-pools.