Saturday, March 6, 2010

our sweet potato

So, a little update post. In the eating department, Nina has now eaten (in addition to the banana) broccoli, apple, a disc of raw carrot at the Himalayan Bistro (where we went to celebrate Jo's arrival day!) along with teensy tastes of mint and tamarind -- and this evening at dinner, she had sweet potato fries and oatmeal! Now, not a great deal of food is actually getting in, but she's biting away and mooshing it around in there, and there were definite swallowing sounds! bits of gagging here and there, but that's a part of the whole baby led weaning enterprise. The babelet even spent a good deal of time with the spoon in her mouth, even if it wasn't the traditional eating-end of the spoon.

For Purim, our family dressed as Red Sox players and said we were Spring Training -- and we won second place! I was so happy that Hali did it, because she's not big on costumery or having things not be what they seem, so baseball players seemed like an innocuous way to start. I also made her a wool felted crown, but alas, in the felting process it became too small for her head...

I also did a little editing of her Er.go -- took off the label and ironed a few patches, just for a spot of fun. Not the same as sewing my own baby carrier, but it's a start. In the sewing department: I also bought fabric to make little birdie for a mobile for Nina's room, and I'm very excited to start. I think I should probably throw the fabrics in the wash first, but I *so* much want to get started! In the meantime, I'm knitting Hali some mittens, and I have yarn for a pair of pants I'm going to make for Nina for next year.

Hali is getting into the whole homemade life herself, and this evening she's making soap and ice cream. Sure, money's tight, but we're having fun.