Sunday, September 14, 2008

ah, pills!

Trying to get pregnant, modern era: So it's been a year, and of course I've read all there is to read about tummy time and swaddling and eating pineapple for implantation, and raising baby on a budget, and FertiliTea, and whatever else I think might bring forth the angels of conception, because just waiting has lost its shine at this point. So what brings forth a moment of excitement this morning, coffee in hand? 

"Oh! I haven't yet taken today's birth control pill!"

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the one thing I can do right now to get pregnant is Take Birth Control. Modern livin' -- funny, ain't it? 

Friday, September 5, 2008

Well, we may be onto something here! I reached the start of this cycle, and I'm happily popping birth control pills in preparation for the IVF. My RE's office gave me a lovely little booklet about the various stabbing instructions for the injections, which I'll start sometime in a week or so, I think. Four each day --

Meanwhile, I'm in the midst of various school-year things starting. We just had a good week of pre-high holiday learning, and this afternoon I'm headed with my friend N and her 2-month-old painfully cute son A to a retreat at a camp in NH with my school. This is my last year in school, and already I'm nostalgic about each 'last' thing...