Wednesday, June 2, 2010

it's been a while...

...nearly three months! Nina is a total charmgirl. She eats tons of things -- pizza and pineapple and tofu and grilled chicken with an Indonesian spice rub and hummus and on and on. She drinks from a little straw cup, though she needs to learn to stop her sips, as she just drinks way too much and sputters otherwise. She's pulling herself up onto anything, and this past weekend, she climbed up the 2 steps from the family room into the kitchen, and she started saying...mama!

Even though it's been so long, this is just a drop-in post to remind myself to post more. We're doing great -- making our own yogurt and ice cream and soap (H makes it and people love it!) -- I built a raised bed a couple of weeks ago and we put in a veggie garden, and in general I think we're headed in a good direction, family-wise. Plus, our new radiator covers make me swoon. The radiator covers in two bedrooms, though they represent an outlay of money rather than crafty or handy effort, are also my latest delights, as they make our home look more, well, homey.

and a snapshot of the girl who makes our home look homey.