Tuesday, October 23, 2007

if a train leaves the station...

So if I'm sitting in the Hadassah Hospital Women's Clinic (in Jerusalem), studying Talmud (for the class I am concurrently missing) while waiting to have an ultrasound, and a very regular-looking Jewish guy says 'behatzl'cha' (good luck/success)-- is he referring to my reproduction project or my Talmud study? I decide to take it as a double helping of hatzl'cha.

I started this blog at the inspired suggestion of Rachel Pepper (The Ultimate Guide to Pregnancy for Lesbians) -- she's on blog-hiatus, and this seems just slightly less ridiculous than Googling 'cervical mucus' yet again in an attempt to bring forth the angels of conception.

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alyson said...

it such a brave thing to study talmud and have such dedication to one's cervical mucus. i say kol haKavod lach, on both "fronts."