Friday, February 19, 2010


is going well! (other than sleep, but that's its own ball of wax) Nina started playcare -- the term that helps me make peace with her being in day care -- a few weeks ago, and though it's not a Montessori, big windows and all-wood everything, it's great. She is in a home day care that is across the street from our house, in a house with a double backyard and 6 other kidlets. Today, after going to meet a group of moms and a dad (from a local parents listserv) for coffee, I brought Nina over and they were in the yard, snow and all, playing in the sunshine.

I thought 'o, it's too bad that Nina needs her diaper changed and is ready for a nap, because now someone will have to go inside with her,' -- but I was pleasantly surprised! They have a changing table and a crib in the open garage by the yard, and they'll just wrap her in the sleep sack and swaddle her up and my little girl will get a midwinter nap en plein very sweet.

Otherwise, she's fabulous. SItting unassisted, trying out the high chair, which is our old Tripp Trapp (from when Jo was younger!), chewing on spoons -- and has even tried a banana once! I said to H, "Look, she just put it right in her mouth -- she knew just what to do and put it in without even figuring it out!" H looked at me funny, because the part I was missing is that Nina puts everything in her mouth...Anyway, she enjoyed it, and I enjoyed calling her baNina for a day or two.